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Hi, I'm Thomas Smith. I've worked in SEO for over a decade, and have built a YouTube Channel and Amazon Influencers account that gets millions of views per year. I also get millions of blog views from Flipboard, Newsbreak, Google Discover and other sources.

I hold a degree in Cognitive Science (Artificial Intelligence focus) from Johns Hopkins University, and have worked in AI for years.

I'm sharing how to build a successful YouTube/Influencers channel, my SEO journey, and info on using AI to create a thriving blog. Join me!

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I share my knowledge of Google Discover through my course Ignite Your Trafic. You can read my articles about AI and entrepreneurship on Medium.

Want to buy a fun SEO/ChatGPT coaster? Head to my Etsy. I run Bay Area Telegraph, a travel/news site for the Bay Area.